About us

Hi, welcome to Urban Gloss!

We make products that you can have a good conscience while buying. Here you'll find skincare that is environmentally friendly, accessible, empowering and great for all skin types.

For two years, we carefully worked out these five products so that they would suit all sensitive skin types and protect them from our sometimes harsh Scandinavian climate. Together with our skin care experts in Switzerland, we filled them with only the best ingredients, such as lavender extract, sesame oil, sweet almond oil, guava extract and arctium lappa extract. Our products are cruelty free- as well as free of both parabens, silicones and mineral oils. 

We can now proudly say that our products are of the very best premium quality, but despite that we keep very low, competitive prices. Since we have no intermediaries, we can from our shop www.urbangloss.com
offer good prices, which means that a lot more people have the opportunity to use our products.

Meet the face behind it all

Urban Gloss was created through the hard work of many people, and today it is run by a young woman with a passion for both skin care and business.

Chanelle Scheffer 

Project manager and head of e-commerce